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Sachin Garg, Navjot Singh, Timothy Tsai, Yu-Sung Wu, and Saurabh Bagchi, "Stateful and Cross-Protocol Intrusion Detection for Voice over IP," US patent number 7,451,486, granted November 11, 2008.

Sachin Garg, Navjot Singh, and Timothy Tsai, "Method for Real-Time Transport (RTP) Protocol Packet Authentication," US patent number 7,372,856, granted May 13, 2008.

Navjot Singh and Timothy Tsai, "Security Vulnerability Investigator," pending US patent application number 20050005152, filed July 1, 2003.

Navjot Singh and Timothy Tsai, "Fault Tolerance Software System With Periodic External Self-Test Failure Detection," US patent number 7,096,388, granted August 22, 2006.

Navjot Singh and Timothy K. Tsai, "Method and Apparatus for Providing Extensible Object-Oriented Fault Injection," US patent number 6,484,276, granted November 19, 2002.

Reinhard Klemm, Navjot Singh, and Timothy K. Tsai, "Distributed Indirect Software Instrumentation," US patent number 6,216,237, granted April 10, 2001.

Timothy K. Tsai, "Fault Tolerance Via N-Modular Software Redundancy Using Indirect Instrumentation," US patent number 6,161,196, granted December 12, 2000.