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About Us (2008)

Much of our lives continues to revolve around Ashley, who has proven to be a great blessing to our family.  Even as she occupies most of our time and dominates our activities, we have grown together as a family and learned a great deal about the true meaning of life.  Ashley continues to learn new things.  She can say and read her numbers up to 20 (and the first 10 numbers are even in the right order!) and her alphabet, both upper and lower case.  All things related to Dora the Explorer appeal to her.  She loves jigsaw puzzles and sometimes surprises us by putting together her puzzles while we're not looking.  Perhaps her most significant achievement has been learning how to use the potty.

Tim is still working at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.  Encouragingly, the company actually is poised to make its first annual profit in many years.  Joyce is busy taking care of the entire family, which is a huge responsibility, especially when taking care of Ashley is included.  Our family is blessed to have Joyce as a full-time homemaker.  In church, Joyce was finally released from her calling as Relief Society President after three years and immediately received a new calling as Sunday School teacher.  Tim continues as the Branch Clerk.

This year we were finally able to return to Taiwan for a few weeks.  We enjoyed visiting family and friends, eating authentic Chinese food, and visiting many places.  Our family also finally made a trip to visit Yosemite National Park and appreciated the beauty of the valley, mountains, and waterfalls.  We also took a couple trips to southern California, including a visit to San Diego (Ashley still remembers Shamu at Seaworld!) and San Luis Obispo.