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About Us (2007)

It's amazing how much Ashley has changed our lives.  We haven't traveled as much, and many of our other activities, such as volleyball, have become distant memories.  Fortunately, in their place, we've had the great joy of watching Ashley grow and learn so many new things.  She started the year just being able to sit up, and now she can run around and even go up and down the stairs.  She's babbling in sentences quite a bit, but she can say, "Mama" and "Papa" quite well, although sometimes directed at the wrong person. J  Best of all, she has a wonderful smile, and she is a tremendous joy to her parents.

The one other major event this year was Tim's job change.  After three years at Sun Microsystems, he started working for Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (basically IBM's old disk drive division) doing research in disk drive reliability.  The work is challenging since it's in a new field, but he enjoys his new colleagues and environment.  In addition to his work, Tim has also been busy finding old friends using LinkedIn.com.  He's already found long lost friends from college, high school, and even junior high!

Joyce has kept very busy taking care of Ashley, especially now that Ashley can run around and explore so many things.  Of course, she continues to take good care of Tim and even gives him haircuts.  In her almost non-existent spare time, Joyce has begun to learn how to cross-stitch and knit.

We did manage to make one family trip to Las Vegas and southern California.  We drove all the way, and fortunately Ashley was quite well behaved, despite the long road trip and the near 120-degree temperatures in Nevada.  We also made some short day trips to Napa County and the Jelly Belly factory (a great tour!), and we plan on visiting Monterey and the aquarium, which we hope Ashley will enjoy.

Oh, and we finally experienced our first earthquake in California.  At a 5.7 magnitude, the tremor was small enough to cause no damage but strong enough to shake the house pretty good for almost half a minute.