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About Us (2006)

For us, 2006 will always be remembered as the year that our little Ashley arrived. We waited a long time for her, but she has definitely been worth the wait. We've lost all semblance of a regular sleep pattern since then, but just holding our little girl for even a little while is the greatest feeling.

This year we had to adjust our normal life due to Joyce's pregnancy. We didn't travel, except for occasional nearby trips for cherry picking or to see Monterrey. Even playing volleyball took a hiatus for a few months. However, we did have lots of family come to visit us, including Tim's brother and mom and Joyce's parents, sister's family, and brother.

Aside from Ashley's birth, several other noteworthy events happened. In January, Joyce became a citizen of the United States and subsequently voted in her first American election. Near the end of the year, we finally bought a new Toyota Highlander and traded in Tim's old Corolla. It's quite a different perspective to finally be the one shining our headlights in other people's rear-view mirrors instead of the other way around. J We also bought our first video game system and spent a lot of time enjoying Tiger Woods Golf. And, we finally retired our six year old computer and bought a new Dell.

This year, Tim and Joyce will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. It has been an exciting adventure so far, and we look forward to the many joys and surprises of the future!