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About Us (2005)

After a previous year of great change, we were looking forward to settling down into our new home. Heartened by our lemon tree's 2000% production increase (okay, last year was a slow start), we planted an orange tree and are looking forward to the same bounty. Since we live within walking distance of San Francisco Bay, we have enjoyed bike rides along the bay and in our neighborhood, which is one of the few relatively undeveloped parts of Silicon Valley.

As our friends know, food is one of our hobbies, so in addition to Joyce's homemade meals, we have continued our quest for good food. This year, we have especially enjoyed Japanese ramen (the good stuff, not the 10-cent instant noodles), Korean tofu pots, Chinese hot pots, Vietnamese noodle soup, steamed Dungeness crab, and late-night runs for shaved ice, Chinese popcorn chicken, and Hawaiian crepes.

One of the truly memorable highlights of the year was our long-awaited trip to Hawaii. Joyce's four years as a student at Brigham Young University at Hawaii helped her plan a great trip, including visits to the Polynesian Culture Center, the BYU-H campus, a Gladys Knight concert, the Dole Plantation, Pearl Harbor, Waikiki, and Diamondhead. Joyce bought Tim an aloha shirt, and we both enjoyed multiple visits to Kua 'Aina for delicious Mahi Mahi and to Matsumoto's for the best shave ice in the world. This was Tim's first visit to Hawaii, and he was amazed by the beauty of the ocean.

In addition to Hawaii, we enjoyed short trips to Sacramento (tried to visit Arnold, but he snubbed us by being conveniently out of town), the Hearst Castle, Seattle (barbecue salmon and tulips), Las Vegas (Celine Dion's show), and Utah. Locally we also visited Angel Island and Alcatraz, as well as the Gilroy Garlic Festival, which boasts the best garlic ice cream in the world.

This year also saw two important events. We mourned the passing of Tim's grandmother at the age of 87, but at least that allowed us the opportunity to have Tim's mom visit us on the way to the funeral in Taiwan. On a more celebratory note, Joyce passed her citizenship interview and should become a US citizen soon.

As always, we thank God for our tremendous blessings. We pray for a bright new year, for us and for all of you.