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About Us (2004)

This past year has been full of change for us. After two years in New Jersey, we said goodbye to friends and our home of three months to make a new start for our family in sunny California. At first, we were shocked by the real estate prices in the Bay Area, but fortunately we were lucky enough to find a home we liked at a time when interest rates were very low. We've quickly settled into our home in Alviso, CA. Joyce has even planted her own lemon tree in the front yard, resulting in a bountiful harvest of three lemons!

Tim started work at Sun Microsystems on Groundhog Day, and Joyce followed shortly afterwards with a job at XGI Technology, a startup company that manufactures computer graphics chips. Fortunately for us, both of our commutes are less than 10 minutes, and we often carpool together to go to work.

Here in California, we're enjoying the cultural diversity -- well, okay, there's a lot of Asian stuff here. We attend a Chinese branch in Cupertino, where Joyce serves as the activities chairperson and Tim as the branch clerk. And, we often visit the many Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Chinese restaurants and grocery stores in the area, although we are still trying to find a good Italian restaurant.

Although California is new to us, we've been able to reconnect with many old friends in the area, some of whom we hadn't seen for many years! Because we've been busy with our move, we haven't been able to travel as much this year as in the past. However, Tim did get the chance to visit Florence, Italy for a conference, and we enjoyed short trips to Las Vegas and Utah, as well as marveling at the California redwoods, enjoying crab in San Francisco, and buying freshly caught salmon in Half Moon Bay.

We are certainly grateful for our blessings this year and hope that you have also had a wonderful year. May God protect you and bring you prosperity in the coming year.