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About Us (2003)

This has been another busy and exciting year for us.  We had the opportunity to travel to many places including Taiwan, Boston, Irvine, San Francisco (there's a great Sushi boat restaurant in Japantown), Washington DC, Niagara Falls, and Montreal. The two-week trip to Taiwan was especially memorable.  In addition to eating great food and seeing family, we picked up new his-and-her-glasses and unfortunately also the flu bug that knocked both of us out for two weeks!

This year we've experienced many new things.  Tim saw Blue Man Group for the first time (it's still scary to see the Blue Man looking straight into your eyes!) and also attended his first concert, with Simon and Garfunkel.  Joyce had the opportunity to see Yao Ming play basketball and also the Ringling Brothers Circus.  Oh yeah, and we also bought our first house together.

We moved from our two-bedroom townhouse to a four-bedroom house about ten miles away.  We are enjoying the extra space, experimenting with a fireplace, and of course, mowing the grass, raking leaves, and shoveling snow!

Tim is continuing his work in computer telephony security.  Joyce is keeping busy managing the household, including settling us into our new home and making sure our finances are in order.

We are coming upon a most important time of the year.  In addition to commemorating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we also are celebrating our second wedding anniversary!  We hope that your year has been filled with wonderful experiences as our has been, and we pray that the coming year will be full of blessings from God.