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About Us (2009)

This past year has been a year of further change and adaptation, but in all cases, we have a great deal to be thankful for as our family has grown and accumulated many treasured memories. We have also learned a lot about turning apparent challenges into desirable conditions. At the beginning of the year, the trying world economy forced Tim's company to impose mandatory vacation days every month. At first, we grumbled about this new mandate because it greatly restricted our vacation flexibility. However, we decided to use those forced vacation days to take monthly day trips to nearby towns. We quickly found those day trips to be a great blessing, as we were able to take frequent family vacations at minimal cost and on days when everyone else was at work. As a result, we were able to build sand castles on the beach, eat great seafood (Phil's Fish Market near Watsonville), see the sleeping octopus at the aquarium, discover tapirs and capybaras ("Go, Diego, Go"!) at the zoo, and do many other things together as a family.

One of the really big changes in our lives is the imminent arrival of our second child in early 2010. We are eagerly awaiting the new baby, and Ashley is especially ready to be a big sister. Ashley turned three this year, and she has grown a lot, both physically and emotionally. This fall, she started preschool and made a lot of new friends. She continued gymnastics classes at the Little Gym but started doing the classes by herself without a parent nearby. And, next year she will start graduate from nursery and start attending Primary.

Joyce has been busy taking care of the baby, both in carrying the baby around and in collecting all items the baby is going to need. At church, she continues to teach Sunday School and enjoy activities such as a bimonthly book club. Meanwhile, Tim continues into his sixth year as the branch clerk.

We have been blessed with great happiness in our family, and for that we are truly thankful.